Conversational Marketing, the New Reality of Authentic Brand Communication – an InsightzClub article

Marketing has developed drastically over the last decade, thanks to the evolution of technology and meeting demands of impatient consumers. Yet, most brands still lag in their customer’s needs by depending largely on one-way communications, largely text-based campaigns. 

In the article InsightzClub reviews the role of conversational marketing in today’ context.

The primary goal of conversational marketing is to enhance user experience through a feedback-driven model that promotes higher engagement and greater loyalty. While chatbots have many benefits like 24-hour service, instant responses to inquiries, and answers to simple questions, they still cannot replace the real-time, relevant, immediate responses that are provided by an actual human being. For instance, what if there is a product/service that is not the right fit and the target wants to explore an alternate product or service? In this scenario, it is always better as marketers to stop talking at our customers and invite them to have a dialogue instead. The solution is conversational marketing.

Conversational marketing can be incredibly beneficial in many ways. It is an automated conversation with website visitors – we can ask them different questions based on their previous answers to give us specific details about them. In short, personalization. Basically, treating them as individuals and inviting them to a real-time two-way conversation. This way marketers could listen to customers and cater to their specific desires. On top of that, this provides a platform where information can be accessible to them more conveniently and delivered via the channel they prefer.

In order to use conversational marketing effectively, you first choose your channels and define Q&As, then personalize the conversations based on customer behavior and finally ask for feedback to understand weaknesses and promote more meaningful interactions. Hence, enhancing customer experience.

To conclude, by taking a human-centric approach, brand managers can encourage higher engagement, provide a more tailored experience, and sell more products while promoting higher consumer satisfaction. Allowing customers to ask questions is the steppingstone towards a successful conversational marketing strategy.

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