Here’s How Malaysians’ Consumption and Lifestyle Patterns Changed Past Pandemic

There have been many elements identified that have changed Malaysians’ behaviour and lifestyle habits as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Despite the limits being relaxed, many of us, in my opinion, are accustomed to living in the cage we have since the pandemic started.

Although a recent study by InsightzClub found that 6.5 percent of respondents dine in every day and 2.8 percent of respondents haven’t eaten at the restaurant in over six months, we may confidently state that eating out is one of Malaysians’ favorite pastimes to engage in virtually every day. Celebrating events, dates, anniversaries, and other milestones was among the respondents’ top reasons for eating out. We can certainly relate to this since the majority of us have spent the last three years celebrating our significant occasions behind closed doors throughout the pandemic.

InsightzClub found that 23.1 percent of respondents order food online many times per week, and 20.4 percent of them have it delivered once per week, among those who find comfort in eating in at home. Undoubtedly, individuals who work from home will find it most comfortable to have their food delivered right to their door given that the majority of Malaysian companies now allow employees to choose between working from home or the office.

Malaysia offers a number of delivery services, including GrabFood, Foodpanda, Gojek, Shopee Food, AirAsia Food, DeliverEat, GemSpot, BeepDelivery, and many more, that take use of opportunities in the food and beverage industry. However, GrabFood and Foodpanda have been among the most popular food delivery platforms thanks to fantastic discounts and coupons.

Although it has been almost two months since Malaysia announced the endemic, it will undoubtedly take some time for things to return to normal, or rather for people who prefer to stay and continue living their lives as they did during the pandemic, after nearly three years of surviving with what we had, daily activities, routines, and a job.

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