Are Chat Bots the Future of Digital Marketing?

Google recently made headlines for their developments in Chat Bot technology. A senior working on the project claims that they have created a Chat Bot capable of sentient speech. An algorithm powered by AI called LaMDA (a Language Model for Dialogue Applications) that has been trained over the last 5 years to produce human-like responses.

Even without such advanced technology, chat bots available on the market today offer a wide range of features that can help you automate your marketing processes and expand your marketing online.

Here are some of the ways that you can benefit from Chat Bots.

More Marketing Conversations

Marketing is all about good conversations, as a brand it is vital to handle customer conversations well.

By using Chat Bots you can dramatically increase the number of these conversations. Chat Bots provide an exceptional bandwidth for allowing you to close more sales enquiries.

Not only can they help you start more conversations with consumers, they also help you to achieve better engagement in the process.

Qualify Leads

More businesses look towards using Chat Bots to automate lead generation, by deploying chat bots that ask prequalifying questions to visitors they can easily filter out bad leads. This lets your sales reps to spend their time efficiently with more qualified leads.

You might even find that you can shorten your sales cycles with this approach as a lot of time is saved with sales reps avoiding junk leads.

With Chat Bots conversations can happen in real time, so customers don’t have to wait days for someone to respond and sales reps can quickly identify potential qualified leads.

Automating After-Sales Services

Engagement with customers post sale are just as important as the initial engagements. Nothing can be more frustrating for customers than to struggle to get updates and support post-purchase.

This situation can be easily avoided by adopting chat bots that can quickly attend to customer’s needs.

Many logistics business have seen the value in AI powered chat bots and adopted them to boost efficiency.

Chat Bots certainly have a wide range of applications and show so much promise with more advanced versions in development, it’s a worthwhile marketing investment to consider. However, at the same time in order to set-up an engaging experience for your consumers, it’s important to truly understand their behviour and needs.

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