Between The Scenes of the McDonald’s BTS Meal- An InsightzClub article

In this article InsightzClub throws more light on the BTS Meal campaign of McDonalds and some insights from this.

“McDonald’s BTS Meal Sells Out in 5 Mins; No BTS Logo Paper Bag” read the headlines in the most depressing fashion. Can you believe it? It would be imaginable if the latest Apple iPhone got sold out immediately on launch day, but hearing a meal run out of the world biggest fast-food restaurant was rather amusing! 

This is what happens when the worlds’ most loved burger brand joins hands with the globally sensational music boy band ‘BTS’ to release a food meal called the BTS Meal. The meal consists of a BTS-branded 9-piece Chicken McNuggets box with two new limited-time sauces – Sweet Chili and Cajun – Large Fries and a BTS-Branded large Coke® 

On the morning of 21st June, across several countries the ever-loving fans of BTS commonly known as BTS Army proudly marched onto their phones food delivery apps while having to maneuver across a battlefield of eye-catching restaurant and be victorious only after they have placed their orders. Malaysia has been the first Asian country among the 49 countries worldwide launching the BTS Meal, ahead of Singapore, and even South Korea. 

Unbelievably, this represents the craze a few thousand consumers globally can make on artist merchandise where people are unapologetically willing to spend money on. In Malaysia the meal costs RM15.70, and in Singapore the same costs S$8.90 – excluding delivery respectively. To buy into the experience of this once in a lifetime event just like everyone else, I caved into my desires and unashamedly purchased a meal for myself as well – and I can only say that ‘I am loving it’. 

As most news agencies report it, this mega-meal collab has been nothing but a viral success for the bottom line of McDonalds, for BTS’s own branding, and most importantly for consumers who have had their fair share of placing the order and devouring the goodness of the meal. For the others who haven’t yet had their hands on the delicious experience, you are definitely not a member of the BTS Army, and the world may look at you differently – just kidding. 

In conclusion, what can be understood is that celebrities like these can really alter consumer behaviour within a fraction of time and show the true potential of their spending power and as well as note the difference in consumer mood. And on a lighter note, celebrities should do this more often to bring in a little more smile on the general public in these times.

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