A Study By InsightzClub | Discovering Malaysian’s Shopper Trends Post-Pandemic in 2022

Based on a recent study conducted by InsightzClub, we discovered several different trends among buyers in Malaysia that are very interesting, especially after the Covid 19 pandemic.

Making important decisions

Making efficient and informed decisions is an art that is learned through life experience. We learn how to make decisions from an early age, even if we are not always aware that we are being taught to do so. 34.2% of respondents said they make decisions with others, such as their family members, while 65.8% are the primary decision makers.

Daily lifestyle

In the survey, we asked about the products purchased in the last 6 months. In terms of beverages, 67.5% chose mineral water, which is the most consumed beverage compared to others such as alcohol, juices, tea, coffee and many others. The least consumed beverage is pre-mixed cocktails at 4.4%. Given the extremely hot weather in Malaysia recently, we certainly agree that mineral water is the most consumed beverage by Malaysians. We come to an agreement that water helps to absorb important vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food, which increases the chances of staying healthy.

In the face of the pandemic, most companies in Malaysia have made it possible to work flexibly, either in the office or at home. We found that 62.9% of Malaysians have consumed instant noodles and oatmeal and cheese in the last six months. This is quite predictable, as the majority of Malaysians prefer foods that are prepared quickly and instantly, so instant noodles and porridge are used almost daily.

Personal Care

As the saying goes, health is wealth! Of the many personal care products, we asked to choose from, 84.3% chose shampoo and face wash & cleanser. We received the fewest responses for menstrual cups. This is probably due to the fact that menstrual cups are not yet as common in Malaysia as sanitary pads.

Household care was also one of the questions we asked, and 74.6% of respondents voted for household cleaning products such as multi-purpose detergent, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner and floor cleaner. The liquid cleaner for baby bottles received the lowest score of 10.5%. We personally think that nowadays there are quite a lot of cleaning products that are baby safe or safe for babies, so a special liquid cleaner for babies is not in demand.

Most consumed Beverage

It was interesting to find out which beverage brand was most preferred by our respondents. For alcoholic beverages, 113 respondents chose Absolute Vodka as their favourite drink, while Tiger Beer was the most popular beer with 168 respondents. Among wines, Micheal J. Gelb red wine was the most popular with 70 respondents. Pre-mixed cocktails were chosen with 113 votes for the “Rio” brand. Bottled mineral water was a hit for the “Spritzer” brand with 65 respondents.

Coca-Cola clearly accounted for the most votes among soft drinks. Goes with any occasion! In juices, Tropicana Twisters and Lipton Tea were popular as ready-to-drink beverages. Of course, most of us need coffee – and we have Nescafe and IndoCafe as the preferred coffee! Thinking back to Malaysians’ favourite chocolate malts since childhood, Milo brings in the most votes and Yeo’s is their preferred drink!

Preferred Grocery Store

Respondents recorded their preferred grocery store and hypermarkets logged the highest votes amongst the others like supermarkets, marts, online shopping and others.

InsightzClub survey also asked respondents if they had changed their lifestyle or consumption patterns during the outbreak in the past 6 months. We found that 69.3% preferred to eat at home rather than outdoors.

To learn more about consumer behavior and trends, contact InsightzClub and learn more about our solutions here.

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