Data Protection Policy

Statement & Registration

We at InsightzClub (“InsightzClub Pte Ltd”) take our responsibilities under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “PDPA”) seriously. We also recognize the importance of the personal data you have entrusted to us and believe that it is our responsibility to properly manage, protect and process your personal data.

As part of the consumer insights/data industry relies wholly on the information it collects and the management of that information is an important business asset, InsightzClub regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal data as very important to successful operations and to maintaining confidence between those with whom we deal and ourselves. This Data Protection Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect, use and/or disclose the personal data you have provided to us, as well as to assist you in making an informed decision before providing us with any of your personal data.

If you, at any time, have any queries on this policy or any other queries in relation to how we may manage, protect and/or process your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer (the “DPO”) at:

Mritunjay Kumar - [email protected]

Administration and Management of Personal Data

We are committed to ensuring that your personal data is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure or other similar risks, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the personal data we collect. We will use all reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal information. Where personal data is collected over the internet, you should be aware that the use of the Internet is not entirely secure and for this reason we cannot guarantee the security or integrity of any personal information which is transferred from you or to you via the Internet.

Introduction to the PDPA

“Personal Data” is defined under the PDPA to mean data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified from that data, or from that data and other information to which an organization has or is likely to have access. Common examples of personal data could include names, identification numbers, contact information, medical records, photographs and video images.

We will collect your personal data in accordance with the PDPA. In general, before we collect any personal data from you, we will notify you of the purposes for which your personal data may be collected, used and/or disclosed, as well as obtain your consent for the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal data for the intended purposes.

Nature of work - provision of consumer insights, marketing intelligence and general business

Type/classes of information processed

The types of personal data that we collect, use, disclose and/or process may include:

Who the information is processed about

We collect, use, disclose and/or process personal data of:

Reasons/purposes for the collection, use and disclosure of personal data

The personal data which we collect from you may be collected, used, disclosed and/or processed by InsightzClub for the following purposes:

How we Collect the Information

We use different methods to collect data from and about you. We have set out below further detail on exactly how data is collected from you when using our Application.

Who the information may be shared with

Disclosure to third parties with your consent

In order to conduct our business operations more smoothly, we may also be disclosing the personal data you have provided to us to our third party service providers, agents and/or our affiliates or related corporations, which may be sited outside of Singapore, for one or more of the above-stated Purposes. This is because such third party service providers, agents and/or affiliates or related corporations would be processing your personal data on our behalf for one or more of the abovestated Purposes. We will endeavour to provide adequate supervision over the handling and administration of your personal data by such third parties, as well as to provide for adequate forms of protection over such personal data.

Disclosure to third parties without your consent

We respect the confidentiality of the personal data you have provided to us. We will not disclose any of your personal data to any third parties without first obtaining your express consent permitting us to do so. However, please note that we may disclose your personal data to third parties without first obtaining your consent in certain situations, including, without limitation, the following :

The instances listed above are not intended to be exhaustive. For an exhaustive list of exceptions, you are encouraged to peruse the Second, Third and Fourth Schedules of the PDPA which is publicly available

Handling Subject Access Requests (SARs) and Correction Requests

You may request to access and/or correct the personal data currently in our possession at any time by submitting your written request through the following methods :

For a request to access personal data, we will provide you with the relevant personal data within a reasonable time from such a request being made. The written request for access to personal data should include enough information to enable InsightzClub to clearly identify the person making the request and to identify exactly what information the data subject is requesting so that information can be found.

InsightzClub receives very few SARs from respondents as InsightzClub rarely collects such personal level details. For a request to correct personal data, we will undertake the following :

As mentioned above, we may, if you so consent, send the corrected personal data only to specific organisations to which the personal data was disclosed by us within a year before the date the correction was made. We will also be charging you a reasonable fee for the handling and processing of your requests to access and/or correct your personal data.

Delete Your Personal Data

If you no longer wish to use our mobile application, you can delete your account at any time by navigating to the app settings screen and selecting the `Delete Account` option. When you delete your account, we will permanently delete all personal data associated with your account, including your name, email address, and any other information you have provided to us. Please note that once you delete your account, your data cannot be recovered.

Updates on Data Protection Policy

As part of our efforts to ensure that we properly manage, protect and process your personal data, we will be reviewing our policies, procedures and processes from time to time.