The Power of Mobile Application Technology in 2022

The Power of Mobile Application Technology in 2022

The adoption of mobile apps for solving daily challenges has seen phenomenal growth over the last decade. It is accelerated by the overarching business shift towards an increasingly digitalised workflow.

In our latest study we explore just how far consumers agree that mobile applications have improved their lives; the majority of our respondents (71%) strongly agree that it has.

Mobile Apps have become more integrated into daily life

50% of our respondents claim that they spend over 4 hours a day using mobile apps, with so many categories of mobile apps to choose from, instant messaging (71%), social media (98%), shopping (71%), entertainment (50%), games (48%) were among the most favoured as apps used on a daily basis.

74% of our consumers also reported a strong preference towards multi-functional apps that could essentially become a one-stop solution for all their needs.

Mobile Technology and Mobile Commerce

Wearable devices linked to mobile apps, like the Apple Smart Watch have created a new demand for smart accessories, 60% of our respondents reported using them.

Many of our consumers reported using mobile apps to do their shopping and making payments, 72% of them claiming to do so either very often or often.

Brands can consider how to integrate mobile app technology with their sales and customer service processes to reach more consumers.

Learning on-the-go

Mobile apps can help to reshape digital learning, 95% of our consumers told us that they found apps useful in learning new skills.

In a world that has changed rapidly, during a post-pandemic era mobile learning has become more relevant than ever before. According to global estimates the market is set to grow by over $370 billion.

This makes education technology one of the most promising trends in mobile app development.

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