When the Gen Zs take over

In this article InsightzClub throws more light on the Gen Zs and their attitude and behavior.

The newest consumer generations— Gen Z and millennials—are the talk of the town nowadays. In this article we understand how these generations are reshaping the way people shop, buy food, and run business. 

The pandemic has altered consumer behavior everyday in many ways – from the way they work to what they buy.

They started out around 1996, so they are up to 24 years of age. Why exactly are they important as a demographic? While they will not peak as a population for another ten years, they are still the core influencers today and have a big impact on both millennials and Gen X’ers with respect to what they buy. 

Gen Z’ers look beyond tangible products and try to understand what exactly it is that makes a company tick. Is it the mission? Their role in the society? 

When it comes to luxury, Gen Xers are willing to splurge but they prefer not wanting to slap the brand name onto their bag or shirt. 

Additionally, Gen Z’ers use their phones a lot more than the previous generations. Hence, they don’t consider it an exciting thing to shop more through their phones than the millennials do, since it’s a tool that they’ve always had. They approach brands differently than previous generations; most marketers have already used the tools needed to engage this audience.

Younger adult generations have shifted from in-store shopping and plan to stick to online shopping even after things go back to normal. This includes the millennials as well. The reasons that both groups prefer to do this is both convenience and price comparison. 

Social media is also a big influence on their purchase decisions. Gen Z have noted that they get shopping inspiration from Instagram with their priorities being on ethics, sustainability, and equality. 

Millennials and Gen Z are the future of e-commerce, but they also are a major part of today. The pandemic has only accelerated things for retailers to create memorable online experiences that fit the needs of the consumers. 

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