Data privacy has been amassing recent focus from recent data breaches and the expected transition away from third party cookies. In this article, InsightzClub reviews some critical components of data privacy.

Often consumer trust and data privacy are not necessarily spoken in the same terms but the reality is that consumer trust and data privacy are correlated and consumer trust needs to precede data privacy. Think of consumer trust as creating consumer confidence, opening and transparency along with control and accessibility. This essentially ensures automatic data privacy from a consumer centric perspective. Data privacy is less about following regulations and more about building consumer trust.

For InsightzClub’s app the endeavour to build consumer trust  is a combination of transparency, monetization of your own data and ability to improve products and services that matter to you. These pillars of trust automatically feed into data privacy. The pillars of consumer trust will continue to evolve in multiple dimensions to seamlessly flow from consumer trust to data privacy.

Hence companies who focus on championing customer trust rather than manage consumer trust will continue to drive the vision for the future in terms of data privacy and data driven marketing.

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